Credit Application Form

At Acier Lachine we deal with thousands of various businesses and help them fulfill their construction projects. We also are aware that as a small or medium business owner, you may encounter situations when you will need to borrow money. This can be done either through a line of credit, a term loan, or a specialized merchandise or equipment financing.

Nowadays plenty of businesses receive some type of outside financing to meet their capital needs. Bottom line, in order to complete your projects, you need to have a source of extra cash… And for many businesses including yours that means filling out a business credit application.

Acier Lachine has created a straightforward credit application and you just need to fill all the required data, sign it (only by authorized personnel), and send it to us via fax or email.

Here are the contact information:
– fax: 514-634-5933
– email:


Print, complete and sign the credit application form and return it by fax to 514-634-5933 or by email at

The form must be signed by an authorized person.

Click on the image to the right or below to open the pdf form.

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