One of the most important services offered by Acier Lachine is our shearing services. We specialize in providing precise and clean cuts for a wide array of metal products such as Steel Tubes and Pipes, Steel Angles, Flat Bars, Plates and Sheets, and Structural H-Beams and I-Beams. Our shearing process is meticulously carried out, from accurate material placement to the precise alignment of blades. We can cut up to 1/2″ Mild Steel, 1/4″ Stainless Steel and 1/2″ Aluminum. We have all the inventory you need to use this convenient and quick service.

The Shearing Process at Acier Lachine

At Acier Lachine, the shearing process is a carefully choreographed procedure designed to ensure precision and efficiency:

  • Material Placement: We begin by accurately positioning the metal sheet or plate between an upper and a lower blade. The correct placement is essential for the precision of the cuts.

  • Blade Alignment: Next, our blades are meticulously aligned. The upper blade moves vertically downward while the lower blade remains stationary. We adjust the clearance between the blades based on the thickness of the material, which is vital for optimal cutting.

  • Application of Force: We apply a significant force to the upper blade—manually, mechanically, or hydraulically, depending on the equipment. This force shears the metal cleanly and efficiently.

  • Cut Formation: As the upper blade descends, it slices through the metal, creating precise cuts. The sheared metal pieces are then ready for further processing or can be used as final products.

Metal shearing

Advantages of Metal Shearing at Acier Lachine

Choosing Acier Lachine for metal shearing comes with several benefits:

  • Straight Line Cuts: Our shearing process allows for precise straight-line cuts, essential for many fabrication projects.

  • Clean Edges: Compared to traditional torch cutting, our shearing technique produces much cleaner edges, reducing additional finishing work.

  • No Heat Required: Since our shearing process does not require heat, the original properties of the metal are preserved, maintaining its strength and integrity.

  • No Chips or Waste: Our method is designed to minimize waste, not producing metal chips and thus contributing to more sustainable operations.

  • Cost-Effective: Shearing is a cost-efficient cutting method, especially suited for high-volume productions, reducing overall project costs.

  • Minimal Kerf: We ensure minimal to no kerf, which preserves material and reduces loss during cutting.

The wide range of completed jobs by Acier Lachine with the help of Metal Finishing Services

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