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Acier Lachine offers a complete range of abrasion resistant steel plates (high strength steel), such as Hardox wear plate, Domex and Weldox High Strength Steel, manufactured by SSAB.

Very often, aggressive environments, temperature changes, hard knocks and rough curves are the most common factors that wear down metal very quickly. Therefore, choosing the right material is one way to avoid cracking or the premature wear of metals.

The High Strength Steels fulfill the requirements for regular steel, while adding more tightly controlled chemical compositions, narrower tolerances for thickness, flatness and other physical properties.

The choice of metal is made according to the main properties of a material:

• Hardness – a material’s ability to resist a localized deformation induced by indentation.
• Ductility – a material’s ability for plastic deformation without rupturing.
• Strength – a material’s ability to withstand a load without plastic deformation or breaking.

Special High Strength Steels have a vital role in manufacturing where durability, wear resistance or bending qualities are essential. High Strength Steels are the solution.

Hardox, for example, is a wear-resistant steel. The combination of hardness and toughness has made it a popular choice amongst engineers when both properties are sought.

  • Construction and Infrastructure:

    • Large-Scale Constructions:  Essential in bridge building for its strength and durability.

    • Primary Structural Steel Work:  High load-carrying capacity and reduced weight in structures.

    • Building Columns:  Used for weight reduction and additional floor space in multi-level buildings.

  • Automotive and Transportation:

    • Trailers and Trucks:  Improves durability and reduces weight.

  • Mechanical Engineering:

    • Engine Parts, Shafts, and Rotors: Provides robustness and high stress resistance.

    • Dump Truck Bodies, Storage Bins, and Chutes: Applied in heavy-duty equipment.

  • Specialized Applications:

    • Spring Applications: Utilized in items like bungee cords for their elasticity and strength.

    • Highly Loaded Connections: Simplifies connections and reduces fabrication time and costs.

  • Energy Sector:

    • Used in pipelines, wind turbines, and other energy infrastructures to withstand high pressures and environmental stresses.

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