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The main purpose of the threaded rods is to fasten and join objects together. Most often the objects are made of concrete, metal or wood. Tool steel, on the other hand, is a type of carbon or alloy steel that is subjected to different processes until they are hardened into other forms of tools.

Acier Lachine offers a complete range of threaded rods and tool steel on request.

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Threaded Rods

Threaded Rods are widely used in most engineering and construction projects. They are also used in plumbing and heating as well as in electrical and fabrication works to perform mounting, bracing, supporting, and fastening functions.

Here are the main features of the threaded rods:

1. They are easy to use and install
2. They have a smooth finishing especially those that are rolled
3. They come in different sizes and designs
4. Can work with any application that requires fastening.

  • Epoxy Anchors :  Threaded rods are frequently used as epoxy anchors in construction. A hole is drilled into existing concrete, filled with epoxy, and the rod is inserted. The epoxy bonds with the rod threads, providing strong pullout resistance.

  • Extenders:  They serve as extenders when anchor bolts are set too low. A coupling nut and threaded rod can extend the anchor bolt, allowing for proper tightening.

  • Anchor Bolts :  All-thread rods act as anchor bolts embedded in concrete, providing pullout resistance. They are commonly specified using the F1554 specification in various grades.

  • Pipe Flange Bolts: Threaded rods bolt pipe flanges together, especially in high-temperature and high-pressure applications, using specific grades like A193 Grade B7.

  • Double Arming Bolts : In the utility pole industry, they secure cross arms on wooden poles, allowing for maximum adjustment due to their fully threaded nature.

  • General Construction :  Threaded rods are used in various construction fastening applications, often with a nut on each end, to secure wood, steel, and other materials. They are sometimes substituted for hex bolts, pending approval by an engineer.

Acier Lachine carries three different threaded rod series: Unified National Coarse (UNC), Unified National Fine (UNF), and 8-Thread Series (8UN).

Unified National Coarse (UNC) Thread

The UNC Thread Series – the most common designation for all thread rods

Unified National Fine (UNF) Thread

The UNF tread is used for precision applications.

8-Thread Series (8UN) Thread

The 8UN tread is used for bolts 1” in diameter and larger.

Browse All the Technical Specifications & Available Dimensions


Tool Steel

The tool steel is mainly used for making tools used in manufacturing processes or machining metal, wood and plastic.

Here are the key features of the tool steel:

1. They are hard and thus cannot be deformed
2. They can withstand high temperatures
3. They are not affected by abrasives
4. They can be used to shape other materials
5. They are used in mechanical parts either to reduce the weight or the size of the parts or to make them resistant to wear
6. They are designed for use in high strength processes

  • Cutting Tools :  Tool steels are commonly used to manufacture cutting tools, including drills, saw blades, and knives. Their hardness and ability to maintain a sharp edge make them perfect for precise cutting operations.

  • Forming Tools: These steels are also used to create forming tools such as dies and molds. Their resistance to deformation under stress allows them to produce complex shapes and withstand the high pressures of forming processes.

  • Construction :  In construction, tool steels are utilized in making reamers, punches, and other equipment that require high durability and resistance to wear.

  • Manufacturing Equipment: Tool steels are essential in the production of machinery parts, including gears, bearings, and other components that experience significant wear and tear.

  • High-Temperature Applications: Due to their ability to maintain integrity at elevated temperatures, tool steels are used in applications such as hot forging and extrusion dies.

  • Specialty Applications :  Specific grades of tool steel are chosen for specialized uses. For example, shock-resistant grades are used in tools that must endure high-impact forces, while water-hardening grades are suitable for applications requiring a hard surface but are not exposed to high temperatures.

Please call one of our representatives to inquire the dimensions and the technical specs of the tool steel.

Types of Steel Threaded Rods offered by Acier Lachine

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