Metal Bending Services from Acier Lachine

Beyond the extensive inventory of steel, aluminum, and other metal products, Acier Lachine offers a range of metal fabrication and finishing services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clientele. One of our most sought-after services is metal bending, a specialized process that requires precision, expertise, and the right equipment.

Two Types of Metal Bending Techniques Used at Acier Lachine

The metal industry employs various bending techniques, each suited to specific applications and materials. At Acier Lachine, we have honed our expertise in the following two methods:
1. Roll Bending: This method uses bending rolls to shape metals into curved sections. Metal roll bending is particularly effective for bars, pipes, tubing, and various structural sections such as angles, channels, and beams.

2. Press Braking: A versatile technique, press braking is used to bend metal sheets and plates. By applying force via a punch and die mechanism, we can achieve precise bends tailored to our customer’s specifications.

Metals and Products covered by the bending services at Acier Lachine

Acier Lachine’s metal bending services cover the bending of steel, aluminum, and other metals:
Steel: Known for its strength and durability, steel is a popular choice for many industrial applications. Acier Lachine can handle various steel grades, ensuring optimal results every time.
Aluminum: Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, aluminum is another metal we frequently work with. Our technicians are trained to bend aluminum with precision, ensuring it retains its structural integrity.
Other Metals: Depending on the project’s requirements, we also work with metals like brass, copper, and more. Our team is always on hand to recommend on the best metal for your specific needs.

Most Commonly Bent Metal Products by Acier Lachine

Over the years, we’ve noticed trends in the types of metal products our clients request for bending. The ranking is as follows:
1. Tubing and Pipes: Given their widespread use in construction and manufacturing, these are by far the most commonly bent items in our facility.
2. Metal Sheets: Used in everything from automotive parts to architectural elements, metal sheets and plates come a close second.
3. Structural Sections: Angles, channels, and beams, essential for construction projects, also frequently pass through our bending machines.
4. Bars: These are often bent for manufacturing tools, machinery parts, and more.

The wide range of completed jobs by Acier Lachine with the help of Metal Finishing Services

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