Like us on Facebook and get a chance to win a dinner at THE KEG restaurant

Acier Lachine is launching an initiative to invite all its fans to like Acier Lachine’s Facebook page. It’s been quite some time since Facebook has entered our lives and we wanted to be closer to our partners, our customers and anyone who has an interest in Acier Lachine via Facebook.


We also wanted to make this invitation a little bit special and add some fun and delicious taste to it. On the occasion of the Father’s Day we will make a draw of a Gift Card from THE KEG Restaurant. Everyone is invited to participate, and once you like our Acier Lachine Facebook page you are entered in this draw and get a chance to win. So, you are invited!


You can like our Facebook page by clicking on this link: and you will be redirected on our Facebook page. Locate the “Like” button and click on it.


The Gift Card from THE KEG Restaurant is of $150 value and the winner of the card will be able to use it at any THE KEG restaurants in Canada.


The rules of this draw are very simple. Anyone who has a Facebook account and will like Acier Lachine Facebook page in the period of May 29th, 2017 to June 13th, 2017 will be entered in the draw of the “THE KEG” Gift Card.
The Draw will be held on June 14th, 2017 at 12:00pm in the office of Acier Lachine. We will create a list of all participants in this initiative and choose one lucky winner by the method of randomization.


After the draw we will publish a post on Acier Lachine Facebook page about the winner of the “THE KEG” Gift Card. We will get in touch with the winner and will invite him to our office to pick-up the Gift Card. In the office the winner will need to show-proof that he is the Facebook User that was selected as the winner of the draw by logging-in in the Facebook and showing the user name to the managers of Acier Lachine.


Once the winner picks the Gift Card he will be free to use it at any THE KEG Restaurants in Canada. The value of the Gift Card is 150 Canadian Dollars. The winner will be able to use the card as a form of payment for the meal at the THE KEG restaurant and will cover exactly $150 of the order placed by the winner. The Gift Card must be used by December 31st, 2017.


This incentive is dedicated to our partners, customers and fans only. The Acier Lachine employees will not be able to take part in the drawing. The participants in this draw must be 18 years of age at the moment of the draw.

The Gift Card will be given to the randomly chosen winner of this incentive and the winner will take all the other measures that are required of a received Gift Card.

If the winner is not willing or fails to pick –up the gift card during 30 days after the original draw on June 14th, 2017 we will need to repeat the draw by announcing all our participants in the incentive on our Facebook page.