The C Terms of Metals Terminology by Acier Lachine

The “C” Terms – Metal Industry Glossary

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Carbon steel (fr: Acier au carbone): A type of steel in which the primary alloying element is carbon. One of the most important factors determining the steel’s mechanical properties is the level of carbon contained it. Carbon steels have no more than 1.65 percent manganese, 0.6 percent copper, or 0.6 percent silicon. Carbon steels come with varying levels of formability. Generally, the more formable grades are more costly. Carbon steel is also called mild steel.


CDS tube (fr: Tube CDS): The abbreviation for Cold Drawn Seamless Tube. Produced from carbon steel and various alloy grades, CDS tubes have better surface finish, closer dimensional tolerances, and higher mechanical properties than the corresponding grades of hot finished seamless tubes.


Coil (fr: Bobine): A sheet of steel that is wrapped around a mandrel into a roll.


Cold rolled (CR)/(fr: Laminé à froid): A class of metal that received additional handling after being hot rolled, pickled, and oiled. The metal is moved through a set of rollers, which provides the work piece with uniformed thickness and improved smoothness of the surface. This process is done at room temperature.


Cold working (fr: Travail à froid): The permanent plastic deformation of a metal below the temperatures of its recrystallization, normally at room temperature.


Cold-drawn (fr: Etiré à froid): The passing of an unheated material (metal wire, bars, etc.) through a die to reduce its dimensions, toughen and improve the surface finish.


Corrosion (fr: Corrosion): Chemical or electrochemical deterioration of a metal/alloy.


Cut to size (fr: Couper à la taille): The result of an object cut to a proper size/length.

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The terms in English:

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