The H Terms of Metals Terminology by Acier Lachine

The “H” Terms – Metal Industry Glossary

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Hardness (fr: Dureté): The ability of metal to resist, scratching, indentation, abrasion or cutting. Materials with high resistance are called hard; those with little resistance are called soft.


H-beam (fr: Poutre en H): A structural element with an H-shaped cross section, primarily used in construction to withstand loads that are, typically, applied laterally to the beam’s axis. Aside from their different weight-withstanding properties, the visual difference between an H–beam and an I-beam consists in the flange, the H-beam’s flange has no inclination and the upper and lower surfaces are parallel.

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H and I beam flange (fr: ): The horizontal top and bottom sections of an H or I beam.


High Tensile Steel (fr: ): Another term for high strength steel, highlighting its resistance to tension.


Heat Treatment (of metals) (fr: Traitement thermique – des métaux): A set of metalworking processes used for altering the physical and chemical properties of a metal. Heat treatment involves the heating or chilling of the metal to extreme temperatures, to achieve a desired result such as hardening or softening of the material. There are several heat treatment techniques like: annealing, precipitation strengthening, tempering, case hardening, carburizing, quenching and normalizing.


HFS tube (fr: Tube HFS): The abbreviation for Hot Finished Seamless Tube. HFS is a lower cost product than CDS (Cold Drawn Seamless Tube) and is a good material for applications that don’t require the close dimensional tolerances and surface quality finish provided by the CDS tube. When tight tolerances are required, machining is used to finish the product to exact specifications. HFS is used for products that require a thicker wall and a high strength material such as hydraulic rollers, cylinders and sleeves.


Hot punching (fr: Poinçonnage à chaud): In metal forging applications the metal workpiece is often punched while hot, hence the name of the operation – hot punching.


Hot rolling (fr: Laminage à chaud): Metal forging process, performed at a high temperature in order to make the metal malleable.


HRP&O (fr: HRP&O): An abbreviation for hot-rolled, pickled and oiled – a treatment applied to metals after being hot-rolled.


HSS (fr: HSS): High-strength steels (HSS) are a broad category of steel products commonly having yield strength in excess of 40,000 PSI (pounds per square inch).

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